History of Swedish Stirling

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    The company is founded

    Swedish Stirling is founded. In October the same year, a licensing agreement with Kockums AB is signed, enabling the company to begin developing our own Stirling engines for commercial use. Initially, the focus is solar energy applications.

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    Agreement with Sibbhultsverken

    Swedish Stirling enters into an agreement with Metallbearbetning in Sibbhult regarding the production of Stirling engines.

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    First engines manufactured

    The first engine manufactured by Swedish Stirling leaves the factory. The first solar concentrator is tested and an agreement regarding testing in Antalya, Turkey, as well as the construction of a reference facility in Upington, South Africa, are signed.

  • Testing in Turkey

    The second generation of engines are tested in Antalya, Turkey. The net output is 29 kW per engine.

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    The world's most efficient Stirling engine

    At the reference facility in Upington, South Africa, a net efficiency of 32% is recorded. No competing technology has ever demonstrated a conversion rate from solar to electricity of grid quality that high, so with that, Swedish Stirling can claim the unofficial world-record. In January 2015, an independent test will be carried out by IT Power, which will show that the efficiency of the Ripasso Stirling engine is in fact 33 %.

  • The hybridisation project is initialised

    An introductory study into a hybridised product is conducted and the results of combining solar heat with fuel-based heating of the engine are highly positive.

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    Swedish Stirling relocates

    After six year in the southern end of country, the Main Office of Swedish Stirling moves north from Malmö to the west coast capital of Gothenburg.

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    Introductory studies into the use of residual gases

    The first steps towards a product fuelled with residual gases are taken as the topic is beginning to be more closely examined.

  • First generation of hybridisation tested

  • Frame agreement with Horizon

    A frame agreement with the Italian company Horizon is signed. The deal entails a little over 100 engines for commercial use on Sicily, as well as a demonstration unit at the University of Palermo.

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    Stock market listing

    Following an over-subscribed IPO, Swedish Stirling is listed on NGM Nordic MTF with the ticker RISE MTF.

  • Patent applications

    Three patent applications for different parts of the hybridisation project are filed with the EPO (European Patent Office).

  • Second generation of hybridisation tested

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    First commercial order for the Stirling Hybrid

    Horizon order the first three hybridised Stirling engines from Swedish Stirling.

  • Successful tests with residual gases

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    The PWR BLOK is launched

    Swedish Stirling presents a unique solution for industrial flare and residual gases. The initial response from the Chinese and South African ferrochrome industry is highly positive.

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    Listing in Germany

    Swedish Stirling’s share is listed at Börse Stuttgart with the ticker R06.

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    Demonstration facility is inaugurated

    Gunnar Larsson speaks at the inauguration of the Swedish Stirling Stirling Hybrid demonstration facility, just completed at the University of Palermo.

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    First commercial order for PWR BLOK signed

    December 22, Swedish Stirling signed an agreement with the South African ferrochrome producer Afarak Mogale regarding the sale of 7 PWR BLOK 400-F unit. The order value was EUR 3,766,000.

  • Opens sales office in South Africa

  • Letter of intent with Glencore Operations South Africa

    Writes letter of intent with Glencore Operations South Africa – a South Africa’s largest ferrochrome producer – about an installation of at least 44
    and a maximum of 136 PWR BLOK 400-F to a value of between SEK 240 and 740 million.
  • Submits patent application for solutions for PWR BLOK

  • PWR BLOK 400-F is shipped

    The company’s first PWR BLOK
    400-F is shipped to Afarak Mogale at year-end 2018–2019.
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    Changes name to Swedish Stirling

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