Company & Legal facts


Facts and figures

Company name Swedish Stirling AB 
Address Swedish Stirling AB – Main Office
Gruvgatan 35 B
421 30 Västra Frölunda
Telephone +46 (0)31 385 88 30
Year established 2008
Type of organisation Public enterprise
CEO Dennis Andersson
Legal Structure and other legal information Legal structure Swedish Stirling Group

Swedish Stirling AB, Sweden
Dennis Andersson (CEO)
Organisational number: 556760-6602
Tax number: SE556760660201

Stock Exchange  Nasdaq First North Growth Market


Information regarding invoices

Swedish Stirling uses an electronic invoicing process, which means that all invoices must be sent in PDF format to @

They should be marked with our invoice address
Swedish Stirling AB
Gruvgatan 35 B
421 30 Västra Frölunda

Furthermore, they should include a reference with us and if applicable, a order number. Invoices with payment terms below 30 days net will automatically be treated as payment terms 30 days net.

Note regarding invoices originating outside of Sweden: In order for us to complete an international payment, your IBAN number as well as your BIC or SWIFT code have to be included on the invoice.