With the ambition to create Swedish industrial history

Since its inception, Swedish Stirling’s ambition has been to further refine the unique ability of Stirling technology to convert thermal energy into electricity at a high capacity and with great efficiency. The ultimate objective is to harness its unique characteristics in commercial applications for the next generation of climate friendly energy at competitive prices.



Our vision is to establish Stirling technology as the best alternative for local and sustainable electricity generation.

Business concept

Our business concept is to develop, manufacture and sell technical solutions based on Stirling technology, providing customers with climate friendly electricity generated at competitive prices.


Our goals for the coming years are to increase the number of orders, grow our gross margins, and to achieve positive cash flow.


Guiding Principles

Swedish Stirling has adopted a principles-based approach of doing business in a way that meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The company enact the same values and principles in all activities wherever we have a presence. The values and principles in Swedish Stirling’s Code of Conduct is based of the companies three core values – Focus, Perseverance and Fairness – and the ten principles of the UN Global Compacts.


We are always focused. This ensures that we always work towards the goal and that we dare to opt out.


We never give up. The solution to a problem – no matter what it is – is always there for those who are persistent in finding it.


We are always fair. We only do agreements with counterparties that actually benefit from it. Everything we do is characterized by honesty and commercialism. We never accept any kind of settlements based on anything but market conditions.