General Meetings

Information about measures due to the new coronavirus

As a precautionary measure to decrease any risk of spreading of the new coronavirus in connection with the meeting, the company has decided that no beverages and food will be offered at the meeting, that there will be no Q&A-session after the meeting and that some restrictions will be made as to the attendance of non-shareholders. In light of the recent government instructions, the company would like to encourage all shareholders to carefully consider whether to attend the meeting in person, but instead use its right to vote via proxy. The company is carefully monitoring the development and will if necessary update the information on which measures that are taken on the company’s website,

Past meetings


April 24Annual General MeetingGothenburgMinutes
April 8Extraordinary General MeetingGothenburg Protokoll


September 20Extraordinary General MeetingGothenburgMinutes
April 26Annual General MeetingGothenburgMinutes
January 16Extraordinary General MeetingGothenburgReport


September 13Extraordinary General MeetingStockholmReport
April 27Annual General MeetingGothenburgReport


December 18Extraordinary General MeetingStockholmReport
September 7Extraordinary General MeetingStockholmReport (in Swedish)
April 27Annual General MeetingGothenburgReport (in Swedish)

Form of Proxy