100 % carbon-neutral electricity from industrial residual gases and waste heat


As many other things in our day to day lives we take many things for granted. For example, something as obvious as stainless steel, we just assume should be there. What we do not really realize is that metal requires enormous amounts of energy to be able to be produced and thus has a major impact on our environment. Stainless steel requires ferrochrome which is produced by mixing ore with coal and enormous amounts of energy in a blast furnace. Almost half of all energy in the process then disappears in the form of residual gas that are flared. Metal industries around the world, like many other industries, have for decades been looking for methods to recover and convert the energy in their residual gases into what is also their biggest cost – electricity.


Swedish Stirling’s technology solves one of the heavy industry’s toughest tasks



In 2017, Swedish Stirling launched a unique solution to the problem. By adapting and further developing the Stirling technology used in Swedish submarines, the company has succeeded in developing a recycling method that converts residual gases and waste heat into electricity at a low cost and witch results in large reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. The solution is called PWR BLOK and will both reduce the industry’s production costs and change its climate footprint.